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Branch Fitness Academy was started by master trainer Michael Branch. A top athlete in football , body building , track & field in the bucks county area for over twenty years. His training and programs have won numerous

awards , championships and scholarships for his athletes.

He is the go to guy when your serious about your goals.

" No one teaches kids fundamentals anymore"

maybe the don't know how. But I do and then some!!



About Branch Fitness Academy

Branch Fitness Academy was founded by Michael Branch.  Michael is a Premier athlete and has been a Personal Trainer in the Bucks County area for over 20 years. He has earned the distinction of the Patriot Award for his training and support of our nation's Military. His programs and training have won numerous awards and championships and earned scholarships for his Clients. He is known as the go-to guy when you're serious about your goals.


"No one teaches fundamentals anymore, I do - and then some"  MB

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